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  • Tasty Pizza 5101 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44124 (440) 449-1252

    5 stars Posted on 01/04/2011 08:33am

    Don't let the American-sounding name fool you. Compola’s Tasty’s Pizza is absolutely amazing and authentic Italian! Great service from what seems like a family run business (not sure if it is). It is worth spending a dollar or 2 more than the chain places on pizza to get some great quality food and support the “little guy.” They also have other food like calzones and pasta and you can eat inside. So good!
  • South River Vineyard & Winery 6062 S River Rd W, Geneva, OH 44041 (440) 466-6676

    1 stars Posted on 01/04/2011 08:28am

    We had a group of 10 plan a night at South River. We brought some sandwiches and a few things of chips and dip and pasta salad. The manager/owner(?) told us we had brought to much food, and said that was costing him money- even though they don't sell food, they had no cheese and crackers left, and everyone around us had much more food compared to how many people they had. (Website says small picnics are okay.) He had a really bad attitude from the start, and got extremely rude, telling one woman to "shut up" as she tried to explain that we we planned on buying a lot of wine all night. He also started mocking one of our guests. There was a broken wine glass in our area when we got there, so perhaps there was an unruly group that was there before us that jaded him, however we were an older, calm crowd who hadn't even had the chance to act up! He berated us within minutes of arriving and ended up screaming in our faces. I have never seen a manager treat customers so badly and without cause. We packed up and left obviously. Shame- he was completely unprofessional, immature and inappropriate and ruined our entire evening.