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  • Sprint (877) 204-0026

    1 stars Posted on 04/04/2008 08:57am

    Although I had Nextel for 6 yrs, I was recently looking to change to T-mobile. Sprint promised me everything under the sun to keep me. I did stay with them and per there recomindation I switched to sprint phones. Thats when it all began. I have logged over 6 hrs of service call time and was hung up on 11 times and on Mrs. Thomas from the Phillipense even started a whole new phone package for me and screwed every thing up. Once I was able to talk to a Craig from the East Coast everything was cleared up. He even had me talk to a supervisor who redid my plan for me and was very sorry for my time. Well my time is money and I fiqure one of my clients would pay about $1000 for that time. I now have 6 phones working again and hope I dont have to call about my bill next month. If I do it will be to say cancle my service because your stinks.