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    1 stars Posted on 02/02/2014 07:53am

    Not as stated. I was told we were going to have a nurse and a paramedic on board. We had an EMT and a paramedic. I'm not sure what my father would have done if I had not ridden with him (for this 15 hour ride) to help him with medication, eating, etc. I was told that I could have up to three family members ride with him. The crew said they aren't used to having more than one. And that was evident. One of them used all the pillows and blankets and slept most of the way on one of the beds. I was left with a bag of dirty clothes for a pillow and my coat for a blanket. I was told meals are included. Yes if you like what the crew eats (fast food). And then there were the bathroom breaks. Filthy truck stops. The crew was very happy to let me manage my father's care once they found out I was a nurse. Paid a lot of money for terrible service. But we got from South Carolina to upstate New York in one piece. However had I known this is what I should expect, I would have just gone cheaper.