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  • Miami Auto Spa 561 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130 (305) 856-9826

    1 stars Posted on 07/24/2010 07:47am

    HORRIBLE WINDOW TINTING FOR $140. I was left with peeling tint on one window and dirt and hair under the tint on all other windows. In addition, both front windows' edging was jagged and there was dried soapy glue streak marks all over the door interiors of my brand new, 2-day old, 2010 car!

    They promised to "make it right - as many times as it takes." I requested to have the tints removed and my money refunded based on their inferior installation but they refused. That second application was just as sloppy with dozens of bubbles (still visible after 4 months) and dirt under the tint.

    I tried to speak with the owner (Sean) multiple times to rectify this issue but he refused to return my phone calls.

    It is really unfortunate that businesses in Miami-Dade County are allowed to get away with this level of service. Buyer beware.