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  • Safelite AutoGlass (888) 393-1493

    1 stars Posted on 03/30/2013 03:09pm

    I had an appointment today for a technician (Wadi-1833 Alvarado) to come replace my windshield. He was supposed to come between noon and 5pm. I've been waiting in the hot sun at an auto shop from 11:45am to 5:10pm and he never showed. I never received a phone call, email, nothing! I tried calling the customer service line but the only thing the woman could tell me, besides repeating "I'm sorry; I can't help you." (What is she getting paid for then?) is that Mr. Alvarado noted that he showed up at 11am and left because no one was there. First of all, my father was there until I showed up at 11:45am. Second, MY APPOINTMENT WAS FROM 12NOON-5PM!! WHY DID HE SHOW UP AND LEAVE AT 11AM??? This is seriously the most unheard of and worst business I've ever dealt with. I'm completely and utterly upset. The technician is a joke and the customer service is a joke. SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME, HASSLE, AND MONEY. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!