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  • Mollies Maguire's Pub & Stkhse 24 Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229 (570) 325-8995

    1 stars Posted on 03/24/2010 06:27am

    Always love to visit the town & the train. Walking around the different shops are nice, merchants are always friendly. Went to get a bite to eat and heard Molly Maquires moved near the train station & 4th day of their 'deck' being open. "O.M.G." WHAT THE H_ _ L was I thinking. The drinks were okay, the food was ok if you like under cooked raw like blood, but the owner of the place really needs a reality check. Ignorant Irish Bas_ard!! Made us feel like we were in some run down filthy bar. Guess Da' Bum didn't like the way I was talking, he even called the local Po-lice.

    >> just a pointer, if you venture into this establishment, PLEASE do not raise any complaints or you may be faced with an angry owner....

    Tis a shame, was considering Jim Thorpe as a spot for my family re-union, small family of 145, will go on up to Bear creek, people seem more friendly... ltr.

    p.s. wanted to click zero stars but system would not allow