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  • Mom & Dad's Italian Restaurant 4175 Apalachee Pkwy, Tallahassee, FL 32311 (850) 877-4518

    1 stars Posted on 04/20/2008 07:11am

    I'D been "hearing" people talk about this restaurant and how good it is, so I decided to take my mother and a friend couple of mine. My restaurant of choice was Mom and Dad's. As soon as we walked in we were not greeted by the lady (im guessing that's "mom") we sit down and order an apetizer. It took them over 25 mins. to bring the apetizer out by then we were ready to have a full meal. We placed the order; and had to wait more than 45 mins to be served, mind you, I observed the couple next to us being served way before we did and they got there after we had placed our order.

    I had HIGH expectations about the food, since they were taking so- long to serve.

    When the food come out we were all a little aggravated. My mom and I had order Alfredo with sausage. Spaghettis looked good, and there were 2 sausages on the side. I take a bite of the sausage and I almost throw up. My mom went through the same issue. It smell Horrible, it was still really pink not cooked. And I can almost guarantee it had gone bad. I seriously do not consider to be a picky eater I've been to bad restaurants but have never complain, Ive work for restaurants all my life so I know about service, and procedures.

    I decided to complain to our server, I told him the issue. He said he was sorry and aSKED if we wanted something else. I told him that it didnt make sense because by the time he was to bring something else out we would be done with the rest of our meal, he insisted and also assured that it wouldnt take more than 5 mins to bring whatever we wanted out, so we told him we would rather have meat balls instead.

    Time passed by. My friends were all done with their meals mom and I were done with our meat-less spaghettis...and still no meat balls.

    By the time the server came with the meat balls I was highly aggravated, not even hungry anymore and I just wanted out of that place.

    At the time of check out I made a complaint to the same lady that did not greet me when I first walked in (MOM) he apology was "SORRY!" it wasn't a sincere apology. I was not expecting to not be charged, and I was not expecting to hear a none sincere apology, however; I still paid full amount (they didnt not want to reinburse for the rotten sausagen that I didnt even EAT!) and I heard the most lame "Sorry" from the owner.

    I personally would NEVER EVER EVER EVER go back to that restaurant EVER again. It's been the worse experience I HAVE ever had. I was never rude and I was very discrete when I made the complain so that other customers wouldnt hear what I was saying. I really feel like i threw $100.00 out the window.