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  • Studio 3 Massage & Ashiatsu 553 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806 (904) 508-3688

    5 stars Posted on 03/12/2014 05:00pm

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    As a local Massage Therapist myself, I'm in need of monthly maintenance massages from someone else. I'm so happy I found Heather! I have had a massage or two each month since moving to Asheville in August 2012. Some are good, some are so-so, Heather knows what she is doing. Not only does her space feel inviting being so close to a Chiropractor she has a warm, caring, friendly appeal way about her. Totally comfortable. No stress. She listens and applies my needs and wants into the session. Heather even uses hot towels, aromatherapy, and hot stones, no extra charge. I was never a fan of hot stones, but she knows how to use them correctly and therapeutically. She incorporates stretching, and I find odd that others do not. Stretching is very important part of massage. On top off all the above she does Ashiatsu! Everyone needs to get one done, especially if you enjoy deep pressure! She is a gem! A hard to find diamond in the rough (that rough being an overly saturated city full of massage therapists). Highly recommend!
  • Mine & Yours Consignments 234 New Leicester Hwy, Asheville, NC 28806 (828) 251-9231

    1 stars Posted on 08/12/2013 05:34pm

    Place is clean and neat considering it a bunch of used things. I personally have issues with the place. After moving to Asheville I need a place to consign to downsize and look for baby items as I just had a son. I signed up and paid $5. The normal. But after bringing in high price items, nice, never used items, and hardly getting a cent back got me thinking. I would go in to look at my items to see how they were priced and I was pissed. For example...I brought in a baby item my son used for a month. I bought the item for $79.99 with a coupon the establishment always offers on non sale items for 20% off. Making my BRAND NEW ITEM around $70 with tax. She puts it on the floor for a whopping $80! That is more than what I paid for it new and why on earth she would add a price that is what you would pay new is BEYOND ME! A month later the tag still said $80 with no colored tab discount. Irritated bc I know it wont sell for that much I kept checking back. Low and behold about 2 weeks later there was a colored tag to make the final price $40. Profit fell through the roof. Now I got to give her 60%! So a $70 item I would end up getting less than $20 for. What a crock. Maybe if they Google some of their items to find out the REAL value they won't sit on the showroom as wrong and both people would make more money off the item. I came to pick the item up before I "DONTATED $70 WORTH OF STUFF!!!"

    I also donated furniture which she shoved in a corner and never sold in the time period.

    Also, I dropped off $50 worth of unused pampers IN THE BOX and another one still in the wrapping. I saw they were selling some the month before and I thought I could drop mine off. Well, I go back a month later to see if I have a credit and nothing. I asked if they had it on my acct and they couldn't find anything. Then I finally spoke to the owner and she says, "I don't remember it, and I donate that type of stuff." No where on her paperwork does it say you donate those items. She STOLE MY STUFF!!!!!! I could have given it to a friend or DONTATED IT MYSELF AND HAVE A TAX WRITE OFF!

    The owner is real nice, but don't get her when she is in one of her "moods" and you never know when that will be. God I'd hate to work for her. I'm taking all my stuff to ETC from now on. Maybe I won't be robbed by them. This woman is rude, steals stuff, and couldn't care less about your stuff, just her pocket book. STAY AWAY if you care about your things and getting money back for them. She overprices items so that they become her property after 60 days.