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    5 stars Posted on 03/09/2013 07:28am

    Let me start by saying to all the people that have issues with cigarette smoke and health issues and second hand smoke. I am here to say one thing. I can not even go to the store anymore because of perfume odors. Sick of people complaining about smoke. All of you that bath in perfume must be trying to hide odors that smell worse than cigarettes. I have gotten sick and thrown up right in the store because of the smells. That entire day is spent in the bathroom being sick. This is a medical issue that CAN NOT be treated. Like all products, they are made and sold. How many people are killed by drunk drivers ? But you most of you buy it and it is called social drinking. Have a glass of wine at dinner or cocktail ? If you don't like what you smell stay home and shop on line like I have to do because of illness !!! Get a life and stop putting it all on smoke. Get a life in your own home ! I shop on line because of all the smells, so can you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!