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  • Yellow Cab Tacoma 3101 S 36th St, Tacoma, WA 98409 (253) 472-3303

    1 stars Posted on 03/14/2012 02:57pm


    So, today I needed to be work at 2:30. I called yellow cab at 1:30pm asking for someone to come get me because my ride to work fell through. I gave them my address and they said, "Okay, no problem. He's on his way."

    2pm passes and I call them. they say he showed up and no one was there and yet I got no call so that was a lie obviously as protocol is that once there, they call you. anyone who has taken a cab before knows this... so they say, "Okay, well he's just right down the street from you and will be there soon." so, i wait until 2:10 (as it takes at least 20 minutes to get to my job via car) and he STILL hadn't showed up so i call them again and let them know i was upset and that i shouldn't have to be late and the dispatcher says, "Ma'am, don't worry, i'll fix the issue for you. I just cancelled your ride. [Click]"

    Thankfully my boss was understanding and told me to just call in when I complained that on principle, i should not be paying a cab company to get me to work late (as this was no cheap ride either. i work in another city).

    Although I'm glad I am not fired, never in my life have i experienced such horrible service and I will never support this company ever again.

    My advice: Go with Fort Lewis Taxi. They are cheaper anyways