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  • Telhio Credit Union 96 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 221-3233

    1 stars Posted on 03/03/2013 07:46am

    This bank is from the dark ages.

    I have a Huntington account as well, and I find I am constantly comparing Telhio to Huntington and Huntington wins every time. I wanted to bank through Telhio because I wanted to support the idea of a credit union that was local, but I just can't get over how backward Telhio is compared to Huntington- it like banking for old people. My mother in law might like banking there and she'd probably understand how they do things better than me, but I'm used to more modern, efficient systems like Huntington.


    Bill Pay:

    It takes forever to pay bills because they mail everything. The few options to set up epay on bills are tedious and I gave up on trying to set up my account to epay my credit card bill- it just wasn't worth it. Paying bills by mail through Telhio can take up to a week. Doesn't seem worth it if you your bill is due at a certain time, does it? If you do set up snail mail payments through them, they don't automatically take the money out of your account. It only comes out when they mail the bill a week later. At Huntington, they take it out of your account right away, even if they have to snail mail a bill. This is good because then you don't use that money- it is dedicated to paying that bill. I found out the hard way that with Telhio this isn't the case.

    Online access: It is more regulated than the Pentagon. It seems ridiculous for a small local credit union to have more online restrictions than Huntington. Are they too cheap to pay for security measures on their end, so they pass it off to us- making us answer a million odd security questions to just see the balance on our account? It's like they don't really think you want to use online banking, so they make it as difficult as possible to use. Huntington is so easy. I don't want to like Huntington better, but it is better.

    Transfers: We have an income source come in through a savings account, but we often need to transfer money from the savings to checking to use it the money out and about on the town. With Huntington, you can connect your checking and savings accounts. One will dip into the other with ease. With Telhio, we were informed that isn't possible. We have to physically get online and transfer the money (refer back to online access here). However, my husband found out the hard way at the grocery store when he realized he hadn't transferred money from the savings to the checking. He tried to do the transfer on his smart phone and realized that he was blocked from doing so because we had exceeded our number of transfers for the month. He had to wait until Monday, then go in and speak with the bank people personally to make that transfer. And- we didn't get groceries. He had to tell the people at the grocery store that he couldn't pay for them. Even though we had hundreds of dollars sitting in our savings account, we had no way to access that money until Monday. Our money! Good thing my husband has more of a flexible schedule, my working hours and demanding schedule would not allow me to go in to speak with anyone at Telhio- they close before I get off work! Huntington has a branch in the Brewery district that is open until 7!

    Overall ease of use: We knew credit unions were inconvenient, but wow (see transfers above) when it is YOUR money and you can't check your balance easily (see online banking above) and can't transfer money easily- why are you at that bank? Forget the bank machine issues and even their awful hours- it's your money and you can't do anything with it? That's how they banked in the 1950s. I wanted to support local banks that I "own," but I live in a modern world. I'm too busy for this. It hurts to say this, but Huntington will get my business from now on...