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  • Beauty Mi Amour 5937 Woodson Rd, Mission, KS 66202

    1 stars Posted on 02/29/2012 08:38am

    I agree with Robyn as I've been trying to schedule with this company for months and always seem to get the run around and a statement saying the next available appointment is 5-6 weeks away. I called to schedule a "fake" appointment and stated I was not a groupon client. I could get in within the week. Point noted. This company is taking on too much business and is not able to accommodate the traffic. This is poor customer service. They also do not return voicemails in a timely manner and you can seldomly get them on the phone as voicemail either picks up on the first ring or the phone just rings and rings. Also poor business practice. Stop selling deals if you can't handle them in a good customer service fashion!

  • Law Offices Of Kay Martinez 8626 Tesoro Dr Suite 811, San Antonio, TX 78217 (210) 826-0851

    5 stars Posted on 12/19/2011 06:37pm

    We are grandparents who have gained custody of a grandchild. We had a hard fought case with CPS and then parents. Ms. Martinez consistently was there at every twist and turn of the legal process to fight for our rights as grandparents.

    We have been so very impressed by her hard work and her ability to stay a step ahead. We are so very greatful that Ms. Martinez was with us from the very beginning of this case.