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    1 stars Posted on 07/17/2009 07:13am

    I had called to schedule new patient appointments,made them and on the day of my appointment the office called to tell me they could only perform x-rays because the hygienist had called out due to an emergency or i could cancel and reschedule. I asked her to look to up my file as their were to be 2 patients that were to be seen,when she looked it up she said "I dont see you down for cleaning just exam and x-rays, I said that wasn't what I had scheduled for and before I could complete my sentence she replied "Yeah well the hygienist isn't here anyways so what do you want to do?" I was appalled by her way of speaking to a customer so I replied thank you very much you have mentioned that already and I wasn't finished with what I was going to inform you I was going to ask for a reschedule however I can see that you are not very customer friendly there if that is how you speak to patients. I cancelled and she said "Are you sure? You're not even going to come in for the xrays? " I asked her to cancel both appoints for myself and my family member and that I was not even going to consider being a patient there due to her unprofessional phone etiquette. I believe if I were to go there and meet with staff that are like her I would be making a BIG mistake! Please see another dentist if you want to be treated kindly...I feel bad for the Dentist because he is going to continue to lose business due to his staffs office practice...I hope he reads this as well.