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  • Brea Auto Body Inc. 436 N Berry St, Brea, CA 92821 (714) 990-1500

    1 stars Posted on 04/12/2008 11:05am

    I happened to get into an accident near by and needed some place to get the repairs done to get home.


    - Refused to do the minimal service to get the car street legal so I could get it home

    - Charged outrageous storage fees.

    - Refused to work with someone else who would handle the money for me.

    - Insisted on painting the car, when it was not needed.

    The people seem nice at first, but if you live far away and you need help and just trying to get home. Stay away from them.
  • PURE SALON & SPA 7710 Hazard Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92108 (855) 386-1165

    1 stars Posted on 04/12/2008 10:59am


    The Stylist:

    - Couldn't hold a conversation with me.

    - Didn't listen to instructions.

    - And very impatient.

    The End Results of the Hair Cut:

    - Complete opposite of what I wanted.

    - Unmanageable.

    - No nice after salon feel in the hair.

    I asked for the stylist to cut my hair to flip out and wanted a very choppy cut with noticeable pieces. She ended up cutting it into a bob that flipped under my chin and poofed the back of my hair up and kept going on about how cute it was. I said "yes, it's ok, but what about it flipping out? Could I see a flat iron and try to style it?" the stylist refused and said I could do that at home. Went home and found out that I couldn't do much with it at all. I went back to the salon and they refused to redo it or refund me.
  • Orange Cab 4250 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 223-5555

    5 stars Posted on 04/12/2008 10:49am

    These guys are great when you're in a rush and you're ready *now*. The drivers are polite and most of them speak fluent English. The dispatcher over the phone is fair and also stands up for the cab drivers. Which is actually great because that shows good communication and trust through the company. The only thing I had a bit of trouble with is that the drivers can be a bit too impatient. If you're not outside and ready after your call, you're going to have an irritated driver. If you allow them, they take some really interesting ways to your destination when there are traffic jams. I actually learned some really good shortcuts!
  • San Diego Cab (619) 226-8294

    3 stars Posted on 04/12/2008 10:44am


    - The General Manager severely punishes Drivers if they do not arrive within 15 minutes of a call.

    - Drivers are polite.

    - Operators are ok.

    - Drivers are always fair.


    - They don't answer their phones at night.

    - Occasionally they call drivers that are a bit out of the way.

    I like San Diego Cab a lot. They're not the best, but I have one of my regular drivers from them. They're dependable during the day, but at night not so much.
  • Yellow Cab (619) 444-4444

    1 stars Posted on 04/12/2008 10:38am

    If you want to be late for your appointment or where ever you may be going, Yellow Cab is the cab for you!

    Serving you with wonderful services such as:

    - Rude phone operators!

    - Fantastically rude drivers!

    - Drivers intentionally take the long way around

    - Drivers hit the breaks for "no apparent reason" until you look at the meter.

    - A call letting you know that they are there and ready to pick you up. Oh wait, they're not there.

    - Guaranteed to be an hour late!

    I am a teacher and just moved to San Diego. Unfortunately, I didn't have a car right away and I tried these guys thinking they'd be dependable. Well, I nearly lost some students because of this horrible company. I have to be to the student's home at a particular time, sharp. So I've had a lot of experience with cab drivers and dispatchers. Yellow Cab is definitely the worst.