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  • John R. Griffin, M.D. 50 S. San Mateo Dr., Suite 460, San Mateo, CA 94401 (650) 348-1503

    1 stars Posted on 09/29/2007 05:26am

    I had an augmentation with Dr. John Griffin in Feb. 07. I am getting it redone by another surgeon because the results are not satisfactory. I asked for a C cup and ended up a hard DD. The implants are very hard, unnatural and not proportionate. He will not fix the problem. He blames me (the patient) for the mistake and claims that I chose the implant. That is a lie. He never laid out options of different implants at different fill levels for me to really see what the options were. He chose the implant and he chose incorrectly. I gave him the opportunity to fix it but he wants to recharge me, because, again, he claims that it is my fault for choosing the wrong implant. He chose, and he never showed me the options because he doesn't believe in showing filled saline implants. He is a nice person but he lacks experience, skill and talent and I would most definitely not recommend him. He will not refund my money either, although he knows that I have to get it redone. Use this physician at your own peril.