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    5 stars Posted on 05/02/2013 09:53pm

    Bees had nested in the eves of the house. Quite an active hive and annoying. A portion of the eve was removed to obtain access to the hive. The hive comb was removed completely. Then using a solution that included bleach and soap the hive area was thoroughly cleansed. They packed the hollow cavity with pink insulation and repaired the opening.

    The call was made to several Bee removal companies but the

    Bee Safe company was the most reasonable, cost wise. They were

    courteous and patient with explanations of the process. Arrival was

    punctual and services performed as outlined to remove the bees. To date

    no return of the bee infestation has occurred. It now makes trimming

    and mowing much less stressful. This is a service provider I would

    highly recommend and as for return service if ever had a bee problem