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  • China Chef II 9225 Mira Mesa Blvd # 110, San Diego, CA 92126 (858) 536-1886

    5 stars Posted on 09/20/2009 01:19pm

    When I moved to Mira Mesa 10 years ago, I found China Chef II because they delivered. I was a home care giver and anytime I did not need to leave the house was good. This food is not only some of the best I ever had, the staff, along with exceptional customer service, prompt delivery and a has varied large selection of items that always tasted fresh and just made. I tend to stay with my old stand by favorites, but whenever I did stray and try something new, I have never been disappointed. I still miss Wo Chee Chongs in Chula Vista (spelling) but this restaurant is wonderful and deserves your attention.