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  • Lee Nails 17503 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78257 (210) 561-1220

    5 stars Posted on 12/09/2009 08:28pm

    I am also a client there and see clients like u wanting something for FREE all the time. It's ur falt it got lost so why do they have to replace it for u. The have great customer service. Dont take advantage of them when it was your falt. Next time dont be so CARELESS. They are always friendly and fast to get to clients and keep the clients happy. Thers store is the cleanest in SA. Thanks to them I dont get fungus on my nails like the salon down the street. So dont blame them for ur loss. its clients like u that give salons bad names and always want to replace something they lost. It's like every store if u loss a gift it's NOT REPLACEABLE .... HELLO!