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  • Gillware Inc. Data Recovery (866) 433-9075

    5 stars Posted on 12/14/2009 09:41pm

    Back this summer our harddrive went out and it had all of my important files on it.

    Therefore, we took it back to where we got it and asked if they could retrieve "all"

    the files off of it; the company said sure. When we got the files back and were going

    through them the most important ones could not be found. So we took it back to the

    company and told them that there were some files missing. However, when they went

    back to try to retrieve them they said that they could not. Therefore, they referred us

    to Gillware Inc. There they told us of what could be done, an estimate on how much it

    might cost, all in a very nice, proffesional, and polite way. Within a few days Gillware

    called and told us on what was going to happen and how much it was going to cost.

    Gillware also informed us of some ways on how to make the price lower. That week

    my files were retrieved; and the price was half the cost of what the, company that we

    bought the harddive from, told us it was going to be. It was a relief! On the third

    bussiness day we recieved the retrieved files, all in a well protected package, my

    'babies' were home. Now I'm writing this to recommend to you that Gillware Inc. are

    the people to retrieve 'lost' files on 'bad' harddrives. Thank you Gillware Inc..


    Amanda Labbee