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  • Caring Heart Rehabilitation & Nursing Center 6445 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119 (215) 844-2468

    1 stars Posted on 06/29/2011 08:00am

    My mother was at this facility for one month. The ratio of nurses and nursing aides to patients was lacking resulting in my mother sitting in her feces and urine until someone had time to change her. After she contracted a urinary tract infection, she had to be hospitalized and I did not let her return after her hospital stay. My mother has heart, kidney and cholesterol problems. Because of the failing kidneys, her urine output should be measured. Their way of measuring her output was by the number of wet diapers she produced instead of weighing her every day. However, she was not being changed every time she wet herself. Since it took too long to get someone to change her, I would change her diapers myself during my visits with her. The menu was less than desirable. She’s on a no salt, low potassium diet. The dinners at the home consisted of a lot of processed meats. I visited her at meal times to feed her. Residents without visitors at meal times that needed assistance were left sitting until someone finally got to them. She was not given her medication at the proper times. She got out of bed the first night and fell. A bed guard was put on the bed which is to alert someone at the nurse’s station. I accidentally set off the alarm and no one came to see if she had fallen again. This was my first experience with a nursing home and I would not recommend it. The administration tried to be accommodating with any of the issued I raised, but the floor staff lack customer service. The only good thing about Caring Heart was the physical and occupational therapy she received. I did see a big improvement in her ability to do some things for herself.