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  • Crestview RV - Buda & Georgetown EXIT 268 Ih 35, Georgetown, TX 78626 (512) 931-2900

    1 stars Posted on 09/18/2011 08:02am

    After they get your money, all bets are off. I recently purchased a Travel Trailer from the Georgetown location after looking at several places. Their prices were good, but watch out. I had told the Salesman that I only had a bumper ball on my truck & he said that wasn't an issue, when I arrived to do my walk through & pick up the trailer, I was told I had to have a $300.00 hitch installed because my bumper ball was not sufficient. I reluctantly agreed to pay for it. My trailer was missing a button on the refrigerator that switches it from propane to electric, they said they would order the button & It would be ready for me to pick up the following Saturday, I explained that I needed to come in early & grab the trailer & go because I was meeting some people at the lease, they said NO Problem. I arrived to pick up my trailer & guess what, no button, so they started scrambling around & took one off another trailer. While I was waiting, I decided to purchase a start up kit for the water system, and guess what, they don't stock them, I asked my sales person why they didn't include one with such a high dollar purchase & he said that they already gave big discounts on the trailer & could not afford to include the $56.00 kit (really), He told me that they did give a free pack of toilet paper with the VIP purchase, but you can't get that until March, THIS IS SEPTEMBER! Then came the best part, when they brought my trailer out, they set it down & drove off. I at least expected they would help hook it up because I had to connect the stabilizer & sway bars & install the ball mount in the hitch. When I tried to connect the stabilizer bars, the bracket that holds them to the trailer just fell off ( I am glad it happened in the parking lot & not while I was driving down the road), I went back in & told the Salesman & he sent the tech out to fix it. He did not bring ANY tools with him, he just stuck it back on & hand tightened the very large bolt, connected the stabilizer bar, put on the sway bar & left. I got my tools out & tightened both bolts myself. When I left the lot, I had a terrible noise coming from the hitch area, I stopped & found that he had not adjusted the sway bar & it was grinding terribly, I adjusted the bar & went on down the road, stopping frequently to make sure the trailer was not falling apart. I have purchased many things in my life & have NEVER had the kind of experience, or lack of giving a s@#t from anyone in the sales industry as I experienced with this dealership, and intend to tell everyone I know to steer clear of this place.