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  • United Gold Direct (888) 502-3222

    1 stars Posted on 12/28/2013 04:00pm

    It was very amusing to read this company's website using the scare tactics of confiscation in order to steer people into buying overpriced numismatic coins. Let's see: you can either buy a regular 1 oz pure gold or silver Canadian Maple or a USA Eagle coin slighly over the spot value of the precious metal at a reputable dealer or you can pay a dealer such as United Gold Direct many times the price for the same amount of silver or gold. Do you really believe an overpriced coin behind a plastic cover that was graded by a third party "bogus asociation" would not be subject to confiscation? and if confiscation is indeed mandated, how is it exactly they plan to collect the bullion? Knocking door by door asking people to hand over their secret stash of precious metals? If you want to invest in numismatics and pay a premium because of the coin rarity or aesthetic features go right ahead, if you are buying precious metals purely as an investment stay away from places like this.