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  • Green Cab & Yellow Cab of Somerville (617) 625-5000

    1 stars Posted on 10/21/2011 11:44am

    I called for a Green Cab & Yellow Cab of Somerville at 2:45Pm today and was told that I would be able to meet the taxi in the parking lot adjacent to 66-70 Union Square (Precinct Restaurant). I waited for over a half an hour and decided to return to my office to call your company again to ask where it was. This is after standing right at the quadrangle in front of the parking lot!

    I then was told the taxi would be there immediately no more than in five minutes. I returned to the parking lot in front of 66-70 Union Square only to find your taxi cab operator allowing someone else in the cab, yelling out something to me that was inaudible as he made a U-turn in the parking lot and driving off.

    I gave your office a call again (617-628-0600) and was told that the cab that was there just now, was mine! There was no apology, no explanation offered. I had an event at Tufts University for the inauguration of the president that I missed due to your company's inability to respond and/or let me know that there was going to be a problem AND a rude driver.

    I have never been treated this way before, and I travel and use taxis regularly. This is no way to treat your customers!

    Kimberly Smith-Cofield

    Executive Director

    Community Action Agency of Somerville, Inc.

    66-70 Union Square, #104

    Somerville, MA 02143