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    1 stars Posted on 02/18/2014 04:00pm

    In May of 2013, I brought our 2003 Saab to Aamco Transmissions in Whitehall PA because the transmission was malfunctioning. Aamco(of Whitehall PA) diagnosed the problem and replaced the transmission with a 6 month/6,000 mile warranty(cost ~$1900+). In September 2013, the transmission again began to malfunction with approximately 88,000 miles and still under warranty. I had to take the car to Aamco in Easton because the Whitehall Aamco was out of business. I was told that although the transmission was still under warranty, the problem was an output speed sensor that was not covered under the warranty. I agreed to repair and $500+ later the car seemed to be driving fine. In November 2013, I again "lost" the lower gears and it cost me another $250.

    On Saturday, February 1st 2014,on my way to work, the transmission completely failed . I called/emailed Andrew at Aamco of Easton and he had the car towed to Easton on Sunday February,2nd 2014

    I was then informed that the transmission that Aamco installed in May of 2013(9 months ago) was faulty and that it would cost me $4900 to fix correctly.

    Basically, they continued to put bandages on a defective transmission until the warranty expired. They have mislead me since May of 2013, when they first installed a faulty transmission.