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  • Evan Conklin Plumbing 3432 11th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119 (206) 793-8303

    5 stars Posted on 01/30/2013 10:35am

    Evan is a stand up guy. I had a problem with my 9 year old water heater pilot and called him to come out for a repair or replacement. Before we set up an appointment, he spent about 20 minutes at 9:30 at night walking me through some troubleshooting for about 20 minutes or so. Long story short, I got the pilot lit and the heater is back in action. Not sure if this was a fluke problem with the heater or if it might need repair down the road but Evan helped me out and saved me money by not having to come out. When the heater does go out one day, I will be calling Evan.