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  • ProStar Automotive Transport (480) 840-9940

    5 stars Posted on 02/27/2012 12:21pm

    Exceptional company and service! I learned the hard way there is a difference in auto transport companies. After a terrible experience with DAS, I looked at reviews from customers and learned how ProStar is different - and much better in every way. I used ProStar to ship my son's Ford Ranger from NJ to California (Feb. 2012), and the entire process was perfect - the customer service, the pick up and delivery, and the entire transport process. They arranged a pick-up day, called to confirm, and were right on time. They loaded directly to the carrier (whereas DAS brought my car to a holding terminal where it sat for 3 weeks). The Ranger was delivered in 5 days from pickup (which is amazing!). I received a call the day before to give me an estimated arrival time, and then a call on the morning of delivery. The delivery time, esp. from coast to coast, may vary depending on the order your vehicle is loaded and unloaded, but it is still on the carrier (whereas DAS loaded and unloaded my car several times at different locatons, and it took over 30 days, including misplacing it and delivering the wrong car). I am so impressed with the service and sincerity of this company, and will definitely use them again. Even more amazing is that the price with ProStar was lower than other major auto shippers, and included standard services that others offer as a VIP extra cost. There are no hidden fees. The owner (Tiffany Parker) is wonderful, and she uses the same reliable carriers (as opposed to most companies who post for low bidders). Outstanding company and service!