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  • Best Friends Bed & Biscuit 6980 Spencer Dixon Rd, Greensboro, NC 27455 (336) 643-9096

    4 stars Posted on 10/20/2009 12:32pm

    We love this place! It's kind of a drive, but if you're going out of town for any reason, it's worth it. They have a very clean facility, indoor, climate controlled, and best of all, the owners live on site and moniter them 24 hours a day! They take pride in looking after your pet! However, my wife and I's only complaint, (and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5), is their trainer(s). We paid over $750 for a two week rehab training program with a few follow-up appointments. After the program, our dogs were actually worse. Then the trainer came to our house for the follow-up appointment. (I think his name was Don Brown maybe.) This guy was a complete idiot! Not only did he have NO idea what he was doing and confused our dogs even more, but he then insulted us IN OUR HOME about our relationship with our dogs! We told him to leave and never called him back. We told the owners about what happened and they said that wasn't the first time they've had a complaint about him. In fact, I think they fired him. But, we were still out $750 and ended up training our dogs ourselves watching a few Dog Whisperer episodes. They're fine now, (thanks to Ceasar Milan.) Like I said, they're great for boarding, not for training.
  • Kathy's Grooming Boutique Inc 3786 Samet Dr, High Point, NC 27265 (336) 882-6818

    5 stars Posted on 10/20/2009 11:29am

    My wife and I have been taking our two Schnauzer's here for years. They are very courteous and always do a great job. At Kathy's, they truly love dogs and will take very good care of them! I highly recommend it! (Our only complaint is their hours. They're open til 5:30, but for some reason they make you take your dogs there before noon. Which can be an inconvenience.)
  • Petco 1080 S Main St, Kernersville, NC 27284 (336) 993-4892

    1 stars Posted on 10/20/2009 11:20am

    My wife and I have two miniature Schnauzers. After moving to K-ville, we decided to try this Petco on S. Main St. Absolutly HORRIBLE!!! We ended up getting our money back. They only cut half of one of them and poked the other one in the eye. We had to take him to the vet to get looked at. After calling to complain to the manager of the grooming dept. about who cut our dogs, we found out it WAS the manager that cut them! It was the worst Schnauzer cut we'd ever seen! Not to mention they were outrageously priced, it was over $120 for both! It was like pulling teeth to get our money back. I don't advise taking your dog(s) here, they'll butcher them!!!
  • Ryan's Steak Chops & Seafood 719 Coliseum Dr, Winston Salem, NC 27106 (336) 724-6132

    5 stars Posted on 09/25/2009 01:18pm

    I've been eating here for almost 20 years. It was my parents favorite place to eat. Now, married at 30, it's one of my wife and I's favorite places to eat. The atmosphere, menu, service, and food are ALWAYS outstanding! As long as I've been eating here, I've never had a bad experience. Five stars doesn't say enough! You really must try this restaurant for yourself. I highly recommend it!
  • Ruth's Chris Steak House 800 Green Valley Rd Suite 100, Greensboro, NC 27408 (336) 574-1515

    3 stars Posted on 09/25/2009 01:10pm

    My wife and I eat out all the time, from Chili's to the Chop House. We love fine dining restaurants, (that is, the ones that actually give you an entree, not the ones that charge you $60 for three bites of food.) In fact, I've even bartended at a few. We went here for an anniversary. The service was fantastic. Great quiet atmosphere. However, I disapprove of the way they serve the food. It's served on these extremely hot skillets. It's so hot you have to wait for it to cool down to eat. By then, it's overcooked. My wife and I order our steaks rare. The skillets burnt them and we had to get new ones. Management was very nice and took care of it. But, then they brought it back out on a skillet again. We had to request plates and get the server to remove the skillets. By now, we've already eaten our sides. It was rather chaotic. Then, the steaks weren't even that great of quality. They were very tough, rare's suppose to be the most tender. (To be honest, Outback has better steaks.) This is a nice restaurant, but very overpriced for the quality and, in my opinion, overrated.
  • Captain Tom's Seafood & Oyster Bar 1265 Nc Highway 66 S, Kernersville, NC 27284 (336) 996-5951

    1 stars Posted on 09/25/2009 12:51pm

    The food and service are terrible here. My wife and I ate at the bar once, and didn't really enjoy it. We thought we might have cought them on a bad night. So, a couple of months later, we tried some take out. Even worse! First of all, I ordered a side of jumbo shrimp with my Mahi. When I got it, they were medium shrimp! At $6.99 I expected jumbo shrimp. I've spent many years in the restaurant business, including manager. I've seen all sizes of shrimp, (small, med., large, ex-large, jumbo, and colassal.) For jumbo, most places serve ex-large or jumbo. These weren't even large, in fact, I could fit two on to my fork in one bite. When, I called to talk to a manager, a very rude woman tried to convince me this IS their jumbo shrimp. I'm sorry, but you don't serve people medium shrimp for $6.99 and call them jumbo, when they clearly aren't. The manager acted like she could care less, so I got off the phone. As we began to eat our Mahi's, (which rarely have bones), we found numorous! My wife even choked on one! After about two or three bites, we angrily through away a $40.00 meal! This place is just an overrated, overpriced Long John Silver's, with a bar! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS RESTAURANT!!! Save your money and go to Long John Silver's!
  • Outback Steakhouse 260 E Parris Ave, High Point, NC 27262 (336) 885-6283

    5 stars Posted on 09/25/2009 12:30pm

    Whether you're eating in or getting takout, this Outback is terrific. The steaks are wonderful and always cooked right, and the service is great. I highly recommend it!
  • Cagney's Italian & Pizzeria 801 S Main St, Kernersville, NC 27284 (336) 993-7882

    1 stars Posted on 09/25/2009 12:15pm

    This is NOT a good place to eat. My wife and I went to have dinner there. The staff was very short and curt, not very friendly. When our food came out the order was wrong. So, they took it back and fixed it. When it came back out, Their was a hair in my wife's food! We asked for the manager. A middle aged gentleman with dark hair and a chef's apron came out, reaking of cigarette's and looked angry. He first said something in I think Greek, which sounded very negative. We simple said we wanted to leave and we would pay for our drinks and tip. He then tried to argue with us and make us pay for the entrees. After it getting a little heated and causing a scene, he went to the kitchen cursing and removing his apron. We, confused and upset, got up to leave. As we got to the parking lot, a burgundy and gray SUV drove by us quickly with a front license plate reading 'Ain't Skeert'. The SUV stops, backs up to where we are, and rolles down the window. We were shocked to see it was the manager, who apparently had left out of the back. He yells at us and says, "You don't come back here!", and says something in Greek and floors it! Apauled and very upset, my wife and I left. My wife and I eat out on a regular basis. This is the worst experience we've ever had. I myself spent many years in the restaurant business, that is NO way to treat a customer, I don't care what the situation! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HORRIBLY RUN RESTAURANT!!!