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  • Luxor Executive Car Service (415) 824-8888

    1 stars Posted on 10/10/2011 04:17pm

    If you see a Luxor cab open then by all means take it, the cars themselves are fine in my experience. But a huge warning if you call them to order a cab. Several times now I have waited for over half an hour to finally call them again and be told that the cab came after just 5 minutes, couldn’t find me, and left. This is impossible because the cab always calls on approach, which didn’t occur. Today I finally asked to talk to a supervisor about it, who said he was busy and wasn’t interested, after about 20 seconds he told me to use another cab company and hung up on me. I’m from Australia, and in Sydney if cab drivers abandon their pick-ups they get severely punished by the cab company, who actually care about their customer’s experience. Clearly not the case with Luxor.

    What’s the point of calling? By not looking for another cab you actually delay getting to where you’re going. A few times I’ve actually let empty cabs from other companies go past because I felt too guilty to abandon my dialed cab… which makes me feel like a complete idiot. If for some reason you do call them be sure to call back every 5-10 minutes to check that your cab is still coming, they wont call you if it isn’t.