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  • Yellow Cab 11148 N Interstate 35, San Antonio, TX 78233 (210) 222-2222

    1 stars Posted on 03/10/2012 01:03pm

    This is the worst cab service ever. I have used them various times, and most of the time the cab arrives 45 minutes to an hour after I called. The most recent time I called, and apparently someone else took my cab. Which was weird, because when the cab arrives they usually call you to let you know the cab arrived. I received no call, so I was unaware if the cab arrived. After a half an hour of waiting, I called to when the cab would arrive. I ended up waiting an hour, and no cab arrived at all. I had to take the bus instead. The dispatchers are usually unhelpful and vague, and do not tell you when the cab will arrive. I will most likely never use this company again.