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  • Diego Casas Beauty Salon 1000 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 397-8030

    5 stars Posted on 07/02/2014 05:00pm

    If You are looking for an amazing here experience, look no further! Diego Casas Beauty Salon, now relocated at the posh 1000 Mirador building of West Ave of South Beach, hands down provides great customer service with very stylish hair techniques. I have had such wonderful experience at this salon! Not only was Diego the owner friendly and knowledgeable, he did an amazing job on my hair!!!!! Mens cuts, women's hair coloring, extensions and treatments, all top notch. Diego also provides eyebrow threading which is not so easy to come by and done right these days. You will feel like a superstar when you leave the salon.... I personally, was getting complements everywhere I went that night! Price was totally reasonable as well. Will definitely be returning.
  • Peoples Barbeque 360 NW 8th St, Miami, FL 33136 (305) 373-8080

    1 stars Posted on 01/19/2014 11:47pm

    Discriminated? Not sure what happened tonight. Went it 6pm and walked up to the counter and asked for meatloaf dinner. I was told by the waitress they had none. So, i grab a menu and sat at a table looking for something else to order. Meanwhile, 2 gentleman sat at the table next to me and i heard one say, i think ill order the meatloaf. Meanwhile, the same waitress walks over to the 2 gentleman's table, wiped down the table and took thier orders while completely ignoring me even though i had been sitting there for 5 minutes before. I didnt think much of it and disregarded it. A few minutes later, she brings one of the two men a meatloaf dinner. I went to the counter and asked why i was told there was no meatloaf. She replied that he had preordered over the i went back to my table and casually asked the gentleman how his meatloaf was..he said delicious. I asked , do you always have to call it in ahead Of time? He replied 'no', that he has never called in before. So i went back to the counter and asked the waitress if there was a problem. I told her that the men were served after me and had not in fact preordered because i had asked. I asked politely If i was unwelcomed to eat at the establishment or what, that i had been here once before and refered the place several times. i asked to speak to the owner , an older woman, and she did speak to the waitress, but never came back to apologies, no offer of anything else, no comps, nothing. The owner just sat back down behind the register from which i felt ignored. Seems to me i was refused or treated indifferently because im not a african american patron. I was the only non african american guy in there.. Again, not sure if thats the restaurants attitude or the waitress only. But none the less, i left upset. Another waitress after seeing what happened, came out and apologiezed, very sweet lady. The cook spoke to me as well and tried to remedy things, nice guy. The waitress in question has very colorful Hair like a parrot..mostly green and a bit of red, orange.. So sad, this day in age. I have no doubt food would Of been good but not worth the aggravation and the feeling/doubt of discrimination. If its not the restaurant then they should talk to the staff. will try another place next time.