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  • Pep Boys Auto Parts & Service 7680 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238 (210) 680-1675

    1 stars Posted on 02/26/2010 04:31pm

    I took my car in for an alignment several months ago. As I was pulling out of their parking space where one of their "specialists" had parked the car, I noticed a very disturbing feel to the overall drive of the car. It was literally hoping!!!! I pulled right back in to the spot and went in to talk to an employee with "15 years" experience. I asked him why he didn't tell me about the problem with my car in the first place--he responded, "that's not what you paid for". IF I wanted to have the problem corrected it would cost me an additional $60 and then more for parts. I was furious! The "specialist" who drove the car even stated that he noticed a change in the driving and failed to tell me! He said they (PB employees) are only required to tell someone about a problem with the car if it is life threatening! After reviewing the problem, they recommended i see someone else about my car. Six months later without a 2nd opinion, my car is fine! Horrible customer service. Never again!!