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  • National Car Rental (888) 445-5664

    1 stars Posted on 05/15/2013 08:04am

    The proprietor, McNulty, has ZERO customer service skills. ZILCH. She made me feel bad for renting a car from her, as if I was the most irritating of disruptions. She GLARED at me when I didn't hear something and asked her to repeat it. It's actually funny how tightly wound she is. Sort of like the soup guy on Seinfeld or John Belushi's burger guy. So, I rent a car on a Friday at noon, to go to the Bay Area. My total price was 99 bucks for three days, I pre paid 120 in cash, figuring in a potential extra mile charge, and have my credit card in the system as a back up. Something comes up, and we end up not going. So I return the car 5 hours later on Friday, drop the key in the slot, having driven to Eureka and back. I write a note requesting at least a refund for the Sunday charge, I had picked up on her vibe, and knew there was no way she would refund me Saturdays charge. But I was hoping......Anyway, not only did she charge me the full 99, she took the whole 120, and put $20 more on my credit card!!!! I drove to Eureka and back all in the same day for $140. WTF!!!! I had gotten similar offers from all the different car rentals on Kayak, and had picked Alamo because I had had EXCELLENT service from them previously. They will definitely be hearing from me. This lady is not representing their company well at all