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  • Birdhouse The Cafe 418 McDowell St, Asheville, NC 28803 (828) 252-2466

    5 stars Posted on 10/11/2012 08:44pm

    Delicious food and a friendly staff. What a great little place to indulge in their fabulous homemade desserts! Yum!
  • Man's Ruin Tattoo, Piercing & Art Gallery 660 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804 (828) 253-6660

    5 stars Posted on 10/11/2012 08:40pm

    I planned on this to be my last tattoo. It will not be after the wonderful work I received from Heather. I didn't even know I could get a tattoo this good at my age. ( I am 44) I thought only people in tattoo magazines got work this beautiful. The tattoo was custom made for me by Heather after meeting and getting a design together. It was important to be customized because this tattoo is for a very lived friend who passed. I am still in awe of the beauty of my work. I also must mention that I have been a nurse for over 20 years and Heather was so meticulous about proper technique. She was very attentive to remaining clean throughout the whole process. I have never seen anything like it outside the hospital. Needless to say anymore except I will be back for another and pass the word around. Oh,I also must mention that we had great conversations and just felt like I've known the girls working there for years. It was just great!