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  • Hi-Tech Design & Construction DBA Medikbuild (888) 833-7361

    5 stars Posted on 05/10/2012 03:43pm

    I've worked with a number of contractors, and Kevin restored my faith in the profession. He transformed my muddy, sloped rear yard into a place I can actually use with a deck, stairs and some strategically placed concrete retaining walls. We had some brief delays due to weather and some unforeseen complications out of his control, but he was always quick to keep me updated, and I always felt like we were on track. I actually think the delays bothered him more than they bothered me.

    I was particularly pleased with his focus on the details. He would often give me options on how I'd like to finish details on things like the stairway railings. They were typically things I wouldn't have thought about and probably wouldn't have noticed until the project was complete if at all. Other contractors would just make the choice to do whatever was easiest for them to get the project done. Kevin is thinking about each step in the process well before he gets there so that all the details come together in the end. He really cares about the quality of the finished product, not just about finishing.

    And if it weren't enough that he is a professional who provides a high quality service, he's also very easy to work with and a generally nice guy.
  • Legend Noodle & Grill 209 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004 (213) 381-3300

    4 stars Posted on 05/10/2012 03:37pm

    Great service, wonderful dinner, love the atmosphere!

    The caviar is month watering goood!! however, i think it is a bit over price, you are able to buy similar caviar outside for a much lower price.