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  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car (866) 799-7959

    1 stars Posted on 10/08/2013 07:56am

    MCDonough GA. must be the enterprise location that all of the other locations send employees for rudeness and lying training. To begin with we rented a van three weeks ago with our credit card, when we returned the van our card was charged for an extra day+ tax+insurance and our deposit was not reimbursed. When we contacted the sales person they said they would put the amount back but that it would take several weeks because they can't do it at their location, and she (Whitney) is very rude. Skip forward to yesterday, We were leaving on vacation and reserved a van with Whitney again, this time we decided not to use our credit card for obvious reasons, so they needed two current utility bills, no problem! Then she gave us a really agreeable rate for the previous troubles, good! Starting to feel better, then she said our water bill was was too high and hasn't been payed yet so she declined to rent us a vehicle. We called the customer complaint department and they said she shouldn't have done this and that it's not policy. We called this morning and asked for the manager and was told he would be in at 9:30, sow e called at 10a and was told 12 then later in the day maybe . Other locations have said we can come to their location and they will take care of us and that they hear complaints on that location often. The last van we rented was filthy and on empty as usual with these guys. Whitney said just bring it back empty, that's not easy to do and they know that. DO NOT USE ENTERPRISE OF MCDONOUGH, THEY ARE RUDE AND DISHONEST!!!!!!! I have rated them 1 star because I can't rate them any lower!