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  • JLM Environmental (310) 930-3355

    5 stars Posted on 05/14/2012 03:56pm

    Same day service, was out the same day, happy customer. I would recommend using them to a friend
  • Big D's House of BBQ 501 Maple St, Gypsum, KS 67448 (785) 536-4451

    5 stars Posted on 04/26/2012 01:23pm

    Best barbeque, great price and a fantastic atmosphere.
  • Spencer's Camera 696 Grove Dr, Alpine, UT 84004 (801) 367-7569

    2 stars Posted on 04/04/2012 11:58am

    Don't, just don't.

    If it wasn't for a stranger from the US who I encountered on a forum, I would be out the money paid for the conversion as well as my A100 + lens.

    As has been heard in previous reviews (Insiderpages among others), he communicates well up to a point. In my case it was until I sent the camera. To make a rather long story short, I waited three weeks after tracking showed it had been received by Spencer, as repairs could take 'ten working days'. Right, he replied after a few days, saying 'Good news! We just received your camera! We expect to ship it tomorrow and will send tracking# then.' Okay..

    I hear nothing for a few days and email again to ask. Nothing, email again after a few days more. After 1.5 weeks I get pre-shipping info from USPS, which shows electronical shipping info was provided, nothing else.

    After that I email and I call (no reply, leave message on answering machine so that they can 'get right back to me').

    I never heard from Spencer's again, but after this friendly person on a photography forum called them and actually got a reply ("We've been busy with training") and called them again the camera suddenly appeared, after two months of them having received it. The work was pretty good.

  • Walmart Supercenter 2200 S McKenzie St, Foley, AL 36535 (251) 943-3400

    2 stars Posted on 02/16/2012 05:35pm

    I don't know where to begin. I tried to buy a Walmart brand soda from a machine outside the store and it was not operating. I tried to find a sugar free drink in the operable machines but had to buy a caffeinated,sugared drink in 20 oz. size. I went into the store and found most of the items I was looking for until I came to the cracker aisle. No salt free crackers were available in any brand. If salt free crackers are that popular, put fewer salty ones on the shelf and stock more salt free ones. Then I went to the soft drink aisle. The diet drinks are obviously very popular because there were only a few on the shelves. I bought two Diet A & W Root beer 2 liter bottles. There were only four on the shelf. I'm 5'- 9" tall and had to ask a passerby to get them for me. I climbed up on a shelf and stood on a box of cans to get two of the four Diet Sierra Mist 2 liter bottles available. The kind stranger who helped me also had to climb the shelf for the root beer. Needless to say this is a very unsafe situation.

    Finally, after checkout I went to the McDonalds' at the front of the store. I couldn't get any service from the lone McEmployee on hand. This is not Walmart's problem as I assume the restaurant is renting space, but, it just capped off a frustrating visit to this store. I realize that Walmart is a huge company and has cheap prices. But, if this keeps up, I'll be glad to pay a little more for better service.
  • Charlie's Cafe & Bakery 205 Hoffman St, Elmira, NY 14905 (607) 733-0440

    2 stars Posted on 01/17/2012 05:28pm

    Not "Fine Dining" at all. As pretentious as it is, I must say the portions were of good size, This was my first visit and I don't know of any reason to return. The owners were there but couldn't bother to nod or smile as our eyes met. We were the first customers of the day, half an hour after opening, yet the kitchen was not ready yet. Having been a fine dining chef for 25 years I find being the only customers and waiting better than half an hour for a sandwich unacceptable. I also noticed they are Sysco customers. Sysco is great but does not spell fine dining. Fine dining is far more than something printed in an ad or on the menu. It is the nth degree of care and attention to detail -- and the customer. Such as not serving tap water. Spring water or filtered water is expected; never straight tap water. Ice buckets on the floor caused me alarm. Vegeterian lasagna was tough and lackluster with a bland bechemel sauce served on too small a plate. Thankfully there was no charge.
  • Big Horn Drug Testing 235 E Main St, Lovell, WY 82431 (307) 548-2139

    5 stars Posted on 01/17/2012 10:24am

    I was able to get my testing done on a walk-in basis and they were very friendly and profesional while I was taking my test. I was able to get my testing done within just a few minutes. I would recommend them to anyone needing a drug test.
  • Duncan's Hokie Honda 2050 Roanoke St, Christiansburg, VA 24073 (540) 381-3200

    1 stars Posted on 12/14/2011 02:20pm

    I went for a state inspection, and the service rep (Loyd) told me one of my wipers failed, and that it would be $16 to replace. That was twice as much as I'd ordinarily pay, but I said OK. They charged me $36.67 plus tax ($30.72 for the blades and $5.95 labor). When I complained, the service rep told me it was a misunderstanding, and they offered to make it right. But I thought it would be better to call attention to this incident so that others are aware of potential misunderstandings at this desk. I would never have paid $37 for blades if they'd told me that's what it would cost.
  • The Classy Home 320 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 388-7516

    1 stars Posted on 12/06/2011 12:49pm

    They offer free shipping in New York, go to checkout and the charge is added, I called to resolve and they asked if it was Under $100. I said No it was $132 , then they instantly brought it up to $200 and still no mentions of limits on the website.