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  • Low Mileage Used Engines (800) 709-9233

    5 stars Posted on 02/13/2013 04:14am

    Several months ago our family's Chevy Trailblazer starting making noises. We took it to the Chevy Dealer and they said the engine would have to be replaced and they quoted us a price that was unaffordable to our family. Not really knowing what to do I started searching locally and and across the nation to try to find a engine. I happened to find Low Mileage Engines and they were BY FAR the most helpful and knowledgeable, and might I add most courteous company I talked to. They were kind enough to fully explain what we needed to know to buy a quality engine. Every question we asked was patiently answered and we had a lot of questions, as we knew virtually nothing about replacing an engine. Because of Low Mileage Engines, we were able to secure a very low mileage engine. They even gave us a carfax to verify the miles on our engine, before we paid them. (No other supplier mentioned mileage verification!) They even helped us locate a great mechanic in our area to install the engine at a really great price. About 2 days after our engine arrived, we got a thank-you note from the salesman, Wade. What a great personal touch! All this was several months ago and the engine still runs strong and very smooth. We feel very fortunate to have contacted Low Mileage Engines, as they definitely helped us and not only got us a great engine at a very fair price, but helped us save a lot of money on the engine's installation, by guiding us to a reasonably priced experienced mechanic we could trust. Thanks Low Mileage Engines. You guys are our heroes!