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  • The Pride & Groom 4244 Kernersville Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284 (336) 785-1005

    5 stars Posted on 04/17/2012 06:13pm

    Kristen is great. She met with my dogs and I prior to their groom so we could discuss the best groom for them. (They are both geriatric.) I was reluctant to have my dogs groomed because of a negative experience elsewhere that left one of them painful and limping for days, but after having my Aussie shaved today, he is happy, relaxed and definitely comfortable.

    I would recommend Kristen to anyone with older, painfully arthritic dogs to receive both an excellent groom and compassionate treatment while in her shop, because she plans to take her time and let them have breaks during the groom, since they can't stand for too long comfortably.

    The shop is clean and comfortable for both dogs and their people, and the groom was very reasonably priced. I am returning Thursday with my other older dog for her groom.