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  • Roger Stuart Clothes Inc 729 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 627-9661

    1 stars Posted on 11/07/2011 02:38pm

    Dishonest staff and poor quality merchandise. I bought a suit for my teenage son which after two months fell apart. when I brought the garment into the store, the sales reps spent several minutes arguing that the suit was not from their store. Then when the sales receipt proved that it was theirs, the clerks argued that my son was not wearing the garment properly. I disagreed with this excuse and asked for a remedy. The clerk, Oscar, stated that he would check with his boss, who would be in "tomorrow". They were supposed to call me back to discuss the issue, but they never did. After several days I called back and Oscar again claimed that they garment fell apart because my son was not wearing it properly. When I asked to speak to his boss I was told that he would be in "tomorrow". This store apparently sells shoddy merchandise which it does not stand behind. A $200 suit should not fall apart after 2 months and it certainly does not fall apart because it isn't worn properly. My money certainly is going back to this store, and neither should yours.