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  • Flat Rate Heating & Air Conditioning 12900 W National Ave, New Berlin, WI 53151 (262) 373-9798

    2 stars Posted on 12/28/2010 10:09am

    UPDATED 1/19/2011:

    I was able to negotiate the price down by about $400 (original price in the range of $2700). My wife and I were happy that Flat Rate was willing to negotiate an agreement, but we will not be contacting them for their plumbing services again.


    Woke up one morning and found water pooling in our basement, so I called Flat Rate (their sticker was on our water heater). They showed up quickly and diagnosed the problem as the water heater needing to be replaced. I felt that the bill was a bit high, but paid it willingly due to their fast service.

    Within 1 hour the basement was filled with water again and this time much more than before. It ends up a drainage pipe for our washer was plugged. There had been no problem with the water heater! In addition I did pricing research (unfortunately after the fact) and found out that I had been charged 2 to 2.5 times the going rate for a new water heater of this model and installation! I called them back and this time it took 4 hours to get someone back to our house. They cleared the piping free of charge but refused to refund any of the water heater purchase price