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    5 stars Posted on 05/08/2013 04:11pm

    I Used this service today and i was charged 95.00 dollars to have a mechanic come out and look at my truck, I drive a Freightliner columbia and it shut down so i called 1800IMSTUCK, the phone rang twice and i had a person on the phone and they explained to me that the 95.00 dollars is a service fee to guarantee service and wouldn't be charged unless a mechanic was on the way. BVI

    Heres what happened next the mechanic showed up maybe after 1Hr and had my truck rolling in 45minutes. which cost me 95.00 service fee to guarantee service

    115.00 an hr for the mechanic from the time he left to the time he gets back to his shop

    1.50 a mile

    i got scared wondering what the bill was thinking he drove 60minutes to me and the bill was less then 200.00 for the mechanic and then 5.00 for the service fee so for 295.00 what did i get really

    #1 When i called there was no please press 1 for this and 2 for that and 3 for whatever

    i got a real person on the phone

    #2 i wasn't charged untill the mechanic left to me so i checked my credit card charges and saw the charge was 30minutes after the call

    i matched that up to the bill for the mechanic and it was correct so with the charge when they left shows me how long it took the mechanic which is great

    #3 the mechanic that showed up Daves florida truck and trailer was Great not only did he fix the truck he told me that D.O.T was at the next weigh station and he gave my truck an overlook so i wouldn't run into trouble , he noticed my brakes needed to be adjusted and he did it free of charge,

    At the time he was doing that 1800IMSTUCK CALLED ME to ask how everything was going i said the mechanics here still . They called 45min later to recheck on me i said i was doing great , they then reminded me that the 95.00 fee was a service fee and the mechanic had his own rates , i said " yes i am aware of it and thank you so much"

    so i wen't back on to write a review and started reading some reviews and was shocked especially at the one of the mechanic service that stated they wouldn't go out knowing that they charged a service fee,

    Thats a bunch of crap cause 1800Imstuck was giving them buisness and apparantly they called the customer and still wen't out and made money so if 1800imstuck didn't call them the odds of the customer calling them were slim to none, so why would you make a bad review for a company that gave you buisness and had there service fee for 95.00

    For my situation it worked out fine and for some of those reviews that say scam remember it's not a scam if you called for service and someone showed up i don't think the mechanic or tow truck showed up because they guessed you were broken down SOMEONE SEN'T THEM .. As for the credit cards before i ever give my credit card to anyone i go over every charge and apparently what happened is and i myself understand you broke down and made a call not caring the charge just send someone which they did and now you see a service charge and your pissed off but why take it out on them when YOU MADE THE PHONE CALL. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FREE AND FOR 95.00 TO GET A HUMAN ON THE PHONE EVERYTIME YOU CALL IS WELL WORTH IT UNLESS YOU PREFER TO SIT ON HOLD FOR 1HR AND PAY FOR THE SAME SERVICE REMEMBER EVERYONE CHARGES A CALL OUT FEE LOOK AT THE TA WHO COMES OUT AND DOES NOTHING

    Thank you 1800imstuck and a review is a review keep up the good work