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  • Black and White Taxi of Kuna 278 W Quaking Aspen Ln, Kuna, ID 83634 (208) 571-4611

    1 stars Posted on 05/23/2012 08:12pm

    This is the worst cab company I can think of and its not even the drivers fault. The owner is a fraud this company has on several occasions made me late for work by over an hour when i was told oh 10 minutes well that passed then i get told they will be there soon and that passes also on several occasions I have had to wait over an hour to get picked up and given the excuse that I did not give a timeline IF I CALL FOR A RIDE THAT MEANS I WANT IT NOW i should NOT have to give a timeline.

    There was even one occasion that I had to wait 2+ hours for a ride should of called a different company id reccomend using B&W of meridian
  • B & W Taxi (208) 412-8283

    5 stars Posted on 05/23/2012 08:09pm

    I have used another cab company with a similar name to this (Black and White) and i must say this is one of the best cab companys i know of they do not keep you waiting and get there in a very timely matter I have not been late to work because of them UNLIKE the other company that has made me 1+ hr late