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  • Aspen Dental

    1 stars Posted on 06/01/2008 01:14pm

    I went there for an extraction...the dentist waited only 5 minutes after giving me novacaine, then came in and immediately started to yank my tooth out even after I told him I could still feel it. He gave me another shot of novacaine, then another, then still another. I told him I was numb all around my gums, except for the tooth. He started to yank, I screamed it hurt so bad. He told me my pain was all in my mind, and it could not possiblly hurt. The nurse shut the door, and he told me it will only take a second, the tooth was loose. So I held on and told him to go ahead. Well it seemed more like he was shoving an axe pick in my jaw, than trying to pull. I was crying and screaming. I have had teeth pulled before, and it never hurt! The only reason why I went to these monkeys was that they are covered under my dental plan. Oh by the way...I still have the tooth. I told him to stop. If its all in my head, then why did he prescrbe amoxiccilin,and hydrocodine? And why is the side of my mouth all swollen. I will gladly go against my insurance and pay full price if I have to. Never again!!!