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  • All My Sons Moving & Storage (800) 719-6242

    2 stars Posted on 09/13/2011 09:25am

    BAD CHOICE! When I first called to get a quote, the woman who answered seemed to be upfront with the costs. She said that I would be allowed up to 1/2 travel time each way for the movers to get from the warehouse to my pick-up location then back when unpacking complete. I was told that the clock would start when they got to my location for a minimum charge of 2 hrs. I even spoke to the owner later that day to book the move and was told the same info. However, when it comes to moving day the guy I dealt with charged me an extra hour for that travel time. He argued with me for 15 mins insisting that I was wrong--Some customer service, huh? My pick-up location was a 5 min drive for their warehouse and my drop-off was only 4 mile further! I never would have hired them if they told me I would be charged for an hour travel time in addition to the 2 hour minimum moving time. I told them I would give them a bad review when they argued with me on the here it is- terrible customer service. The only reason I gave 2 stars is because the actual moving guys took ok care of my stuff, not great, but ok..only a little damage--basically distroyed a bookshelf, but everything else seemed to far ok...though I don't know how a 4 mile move could go this badly!