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  • Tsasdi Resort 19990 Lakeshore Dr, Lakehead, CA 96051 (800) 995-0291

    1 stars Posted on 08/22/2013 09:34am

    The resort owner is incredibly aggressive and rude. We arrived after a very long drive from Oregon and were greeted with an insulting and condescending lecture about check-in times. It took us a good ten minutes of getting yelled at to deduce that he wanted us to leave, and then he refused to let some of the younger people in our party to even use a restroom. We were there an hour before check-in, which isn't posted or clearly communicated. He was borderline obsequious with a party of older guests, so it appears to be an age thing. He was aggressively unpleasant to us for the duration of our stay, and in general seemed angry that people were coming to stay on his property. In sharp contrast, the folks from the nearby Antlers resort were unfailingly polite.