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  • Suburban Propane 8550 W Franklin Rd, Boise, ID 83709 (208) 375-4254

    1 stars Posted on 08/31/2012 09:00am

    Bad, bad, bad. Very inflated prices once you are a customer locked in their contract. The only propane supplier that HAS a contract. They lie on the phone when price shoppers call that aren't current customers. They will tell you that other companies are lying about their current customer cost. LIES, LIES, LIES! Their inflated prices are $1 to $1.50 more per gallon than everyone else's. They aren't even close in price. When I asked them why they were so much higher they proceeded to tell me that all the other companies I called were lying about their current customer price. They told me they never tell price shoppers that it is over $2.99 gal and that everyone practices this to steal each other's customers. HUGE lie! This is only a practice of Suburban, they are interested only in getting new customers into their contract. Then they price gouge the hell out of their current customers. It was actually cheaper for me to pay the tank removal and early termination fee and switch companies than it would have been for me to stay with them the remainder of the contract. Don't get screwed, go with V1 or Ed Staub!
  • Suburban Propane (800) 776-7263

    1 stars Posted on 08/31/2012 08:51am

    Worst lying crooks around!
  • V-1 Propane 20415 Pinto Rd, Caldwell, ID 83607 (208) 454-1417

    5 stars Posted on 08/31/2012 08:48am

    My initial experience with having propane delivered to my house was HORRIBLE because it was with Suburban Propane. I made the huge mistake of signing Suburban's contract and not researching the other companies. Suburban will tell you that others have contracts as well--not true. Suburban will tell you that others lie when you call and are price shopping, that all propane companies are trying to steal each other's business so they don't give you the actual current customer price--not true. I have learned that these previous lies and other unscrupulous business practices belong to Suburban Propane solely. I paid $200 to get out of my contract with Suburban and after much research, I chose V1. They came out and transferred the remaining propane in my Suburban tank to theirs then proceeded to do a very thorough check of all propane lines, furnace, etc. He spent a lot of time educating me on the furnace and my propane fireplace. I was very impressed. They also have a summer sale (August/September) where propane is very cheap, (cheaper than my initial fill up that was discounted for new customer at $1.99/gal). They top off all of their route customers at this time so everyone has a full tank before the winter. I am on a will call basis so they called me and told me the sale was happening if I was interested. This made me like them even more! The sale price was less than the commercial price I was getting for 1 year for being a new customer. This company treats you like they would want to be treated. Their price is ALWAYS within a few cents of others and they are interested in keeping customers as well as gaining them. Suburban's price when I switched was $1.50 more than anyone else's and their "fake" price they give out to price shoppers was still $1.00 more than anyone else's. It cost me a lot less to pay Suburban's early termination fee and switch to V1 than if I had just stayed for the remainder of my contract then switched. I have not one bad word to say about V1 in the 1 year I have been with them. My neighbors own their tank so they pay no rental fees and can purchase from whomever has the cheapest price at the time, they buy from V1 every time. That should tell you something!