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  • PicCouture 1223 A East Draper Pkwy, Draper, UT 84020 (801) 553-6306

    1 stars Posted on 06/03/2013 09:01am

    Beware of this place. I was scammed.

    First, the website promises that you get 30-60 photos in a session for $99.99. I paid for 2 sessions and only received 26 digital images.

    "Your PicDisk includes ~30-60 Basic Edit (Color, Lighting & Crop) Digital Images with Copyright Release."

    And this was after telling me it would take 3 hours (website says 60 min for a session) to get us our CD of pictures because there was so many! And when I arrived there to pick it up, the CD was no where to be found.

    There was no excuse for getting so little number of pictures. Maybe he shouldnt have spent 20 mintues trying to take pictures of my crying daughter and yelling at me to back away so she couldnt see me!!

    Second, the office manager, who was also our photographer, was very fake and lied to us numerous times over the phone when we questioned him about the photos.

    He also stood at the counter to watch me fill out the tip on my receipt and thanked me even before I lifted the pen. What a worm.