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  • Anthony's Bail Bonds 325 S 3rd St Ste 20, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 384-2130

    5 stars Posted on 06/03/2009 05:03am

    I'm a Las Vegas native. Unfortunately, I've had several arrests in the 30some years I've lived here. Because of this, I have used many of the bondsman in town.

    When my girl went to get my bond she had to use some of our rent money. When Anthony heard her tell this to the lady that was helping her, he told her to pay the rent and let us pay the last of the fee the next payday.

    Anthony's is the best I have used. His staff is professional, knowledgable and friendly. They don't charge extra fees for notarys and runners like others have in the past.

    When someone is locked up, you don't need a free tshirt or ride home, you need someone who will help you get them out. Anthony's will help you get them out, and won't charge extra to do it. Thanks Anthony's, John R