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  • The Blue Gem Tattooing & Piercing 2475 Univ way, Suite P, Green Bay, WI 54302 (920) 227-6745

    5 stars Posted on 10/24/2012 11:27am

    I got industrial piercings in both ears two weeks ago at Blue GEM. Both piercings are symmetrical and healing very well. I couldn't be more pleased about the kindness and professionalism of Donovan. I absolutely recommend Blue GEM, and I will be returning for any future piercing/tattoo needs.
  • Sprint (877) 204-0026

    1 stars Posted on 05/15/2008 02:24pm

    I started a new contract with Sprint and was required to make a $50.00 deposit. No problem, I paid with my check card. The next day I went to use my check card and it said DECLINE. I still had $125 after paying the deposit, so I called my bank to see what was going on. I had FOUR pending charges for $50.00. They charged me $200 for my $50 deposit. I spent an hour inside the store trying to fix the problem. Nothing, the employee was USELESS. I had to leave to go to work. Later, I called Sprint customer service and talked to SEVEN different people who could not help me. I was on the phone for almost two hours before someone finally contacted my bank and removed the pending charges. I cancelled my service with Sprint because I was so disgusted with their useless employees. Save yourself a lot of trouble and hassle, and choose another cell phone provider.