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  • Evalyn's Floral 343 W Benson Blvd # 7, Anchorage, AK 99503 (907) 561-7322

    5 stars Posted on 09/21/2013 07:09pm

    Going the extra mile, when people order so much on line a package delivered isnt so special any more, when you can get flowers in a box again not so special. I have a dear friend in Alaska we share the same birthday. I wanted to do something special. I called two local anchorage florist wanting something out side the norm. They choose not to help. When I reached Evlyans, "Sure no problem" I told them about my Dear friend and I wanted moore than a floral bouquet, I wanted money in the arangement, $25 They took 25 dollars made fans and roses out of the money. When my friend was available they delivered the flowers 2 hours after they closed on a Saturday. I asked for them to send a picture of the arangment then they texted me a copy of the arangment. Never have I received so much for my money. Thank you for making my friends birthday begin with such a love felt gift. saldy though they dont show 10* ratings because all you at Evalyns florist did deserve at least ten stars. Thank you !!!